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About Babyl

Our Mission

Babyl believes it is possible to put an accessible and affordable health care service in the hands of every person on earth.

How? By combining the ever-growing computing power of machines with the best medical expertise of humans to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health service and making it universally available.

Our goal is to help people around the globe live happier, healthier lives.

Who are we?

Being ill is difficult enough, getting healthcare shouldn’t be.

For many of us getting access to healthcare can be inconvenient or costly. But for some, the problem is more serious: almost 50% of the global population has little access to quality healthcare.

Yet irrespective of where we live, most of us have a mobile phone in our pocket. Our mobiles are getting smarter every year: mobile phones today are a thousand times more capable than they were only 10 years ago and they will be at least a thousand times more powerful in the next ten years. Can you imagine the possibilities?

Babyl combines the latest technology with the knowledge and experience of the best doctors to make healthcare simpler, better, and more accessible and affordable for people everywhere.

Why Babylon?

In the ancient city of Babylon, almost 2500 years ago, citizens needing medical advice often gathered in the town square to share thoughts on treatments for common illnesses. This is one of the earliest examples of democratising healthcare – and, as it was the Babylonians who enjoyed the longest life expectancy across the ancient world, it’s from our health-conscious ancestors that we take inspiration for our 21st century services.

Dr. Ali Parsa, Founder and CEO of Babylon

"When we see how much can be done with existing technology, to improve access to healthcare for people everywhere, we ask ourselves two simple questions: if not us, then who? If not now, then when? There are no excuses for not trying…"

History in Rwanda

On the path to achieving its mission of putting accessible and affordable health care in the hands of everyone on earth, Babylon opened in Rwanda as Babyl. Through different local partnerships, Babyl is allowing every Rwandan to be able to get healthcare using technology and without struggling.

Babyl’s mission to transform healthcare delivery in Rwanda will provide online consultations with the best clinical experts and doctors, extensive medical Q&A, cutting-edge monitoring and diagnostics, one-tap appointment booking and prescription delivery, and access to clinical records when requested.

At Babyl, we are owners

We are passionate and responsible. If you believe in our mission of accessible and affordable healthcare for all, then there’s a place for you here.

Dream Big

Our dream is big: we want to put quality healthcare into the hands of everyone on earth.

Build Fast

We are relentless in making our dream happen, as fast as we can. Scale and speed go hand in hand.

Be Brilliant

We never lose sight of the bigger picture, but we always pay attention to the small things that make the difference. We aim to exceed expectations every time.

Our behaviours are born from our values. Because values are only words until you put them into action.


We care about everybody, because we believe that everyone matters.


We aim high. Our members are our priority and we won’t stop until we’ve done what they need us to do.


We collaborate. With insiders and outsiders. The intelligence of many always beats those of a few.


We say yes. Because yes is what gets us places. When we look on the bright side, we achieve more.


We are always questioning, never satisfied with the status quo. We are unrelenting in dreaming up new solutions.


We take responsibility. We’re self starters and problem solvers. We don’t pass it on, we own it.

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